About the show

What is the Canberra Brick Show?

The Canberra Brick Show is a brand new LEGO fan event in Canberra, hosted by the Canberra LEGO User Group. We will have over 200 tables of amazing displays, exhibits, and cendors coming from the ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, and SA.

LEGO fans of all ages are welcome to attend and enjoy the show.

When is the Canberra Brick Show?

9am to 5pm Saturday 19th November 2022

10am to 4:30pm Sunday 20th November 2022

Where is the Canberra Brick Show?

Thoroughbred Park, Lyneham, ACT. Click here for transport information.

Will I see any LEGO Masters at the show?

There may be some contestants from the LEGO Masters Australia TV show (seasons 1-4) around over the weekend! Keep an eye out!



Ticking Information

Who needs a ticket?

Adult and Child (3 to 17 years old) tickets are both $12 each. There are no concession/student/family tickets for the show.

Children under the age of 3 do not require a ticket for entry provding there is a valid ticket for other family members in attendance.

Where do I get tickets?

Ticket sales are online and available until sold out, or one day prior to the event. At this stage, there will be no ticket sales at the door.

How do the session times work? What if I miss my session?

Your ticket entitles you to entry during the specified date and time slot (usually one hour). Don’t worry if you arrive at the end of the session, there is no end time to your visit - stay as long as you like. Take note of the end of day closing times as this will need to be considered in the last session of the day. Ticket sessions are marked accordingly.

If you miss your session for some reason see our friendly volunteers on the door and they will sort it out.

Can I leave and come back?

Yes. A pass out option will be available on the same day only (useful if you need to return to your vehicle or head outside for a short period).

About the Venue

What food and drink options are on site?

There will be a cafe with prepackaged food, soft drinks, and water available.

Also a number of food vans will be available outside.

We also expect sausage sandwiches to be available, raising money for a local charity organisation.

Will EFTPOS be available?

Yes, ATMs will be available to get cash out if required.

Are pets allowed?

Assistance animals (such as service dogs) are welcome, however in general pets are best left at home whilst you enjoy the LEGO displays.

Can I enter with a wheelchair, pram or stroller?

Yes! The venue is accessible and there will be plenty of room inside.

Parents Room

There will be no specific parents room, however the accessible toilet will have baby change facilities.

What kinds of stores will be on site? Will there be LEGO to buy?

There will be some awesome vendors on site to cater for all your LEGO needs! From brand new sets, to rare and retired (brand-new-in-box or used) sets, polypags, minifigs, and spare parts! There will be plenty of stock available!

What accommodation is near Thoroughbred Park?

If you are looking to stay in Canberra over the weekend there are plenty of nearby accommodation options.

Dickson, Lyneham, and the hotels on Northbourne Avenue are a short car or light rail ride away from the venue.

About the displays

What about the exhibitor/display list?

Closer to the event an online floor plan will be available to assist patrons with identifying exhibits. The floor plan will also include entry / exit points and toilets etc.

What is a ‘GBC’?

A Great Ball Contraption, or GBC for short, is a model made out of LEGO elements, which takes small balls or objects from one place to another.

The longest LEGO Train layout ever seen in Canberra!

Over 80m of track in a 140m2 area! Come along and see some of Australia’s best LEGO train enthusiasts display a wide variety of steam, diesel, and concept trains. You may even witness a crash or two!

Many thanks to our sponsors!

Bricks to the World

Toy Bricks

Glow Bricks

Thoroughbred Park

VIP Night

VIP Night Tickets

Sensory Session

There will be a dedicated session for people with disability on Sunday morning. Tickets for this session will be available soon.

If you have a student at The Woden School, Malkara School, or Black Mountain School there will be information released through the school communities about how to obtain complimentary tickets to this session.


Interested in volunteering with us? Send an email to: events@clug.com.au